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UNEDF project featured in DOE Office of Science "Science Highlights Series"
An article entitled "Universities and DOE National Laboratories Join Forces to Understand the Nucleus of an Atom" about the UNEDF collaboration is the February, 2011 highlight.
UNEDF collaboration member wins CMU President's Award for Outstanding Research
Prof. Mihai Horoi of Central Michigan University was one of two recipients recognized for "scholarship and research of national and international merit" (see video and press release).
UNEDF researcher to join University of Tsukuba high performance computing effort
Dr. Jun Terasaki, UNEDF collaboration member at the University of North Carolina, will take his expertise to a five-year UNEDF-like project using massively parallel computers.
UNEDF project on rare-earth nuclear excitations awarded 10 million processor hours
UNEDF members Jonathan Engel and Jun Terasaki of the University of North Carolina have been awarded 10M cpu hours on the ORNL supercomputer Kraken for the project Systematics of Nuclear Surface Vibrations in Deformed Nuclei. The award is from the NSF-funded TeraGrid program, which provides leadership class resources at eleven partner sites for open scientific discovery.
UNEDF F-17 halo work featured in Science Daily
Ab initio coupled-cluster calculations of Fluorine-17 by UNEDF-members Gaute Hagen and Thomas Papenbrock of Oak Ridge National Lab and the University of Tennessee, together with Morten Hjorth-Jensen of the University of Oslo, pin down details of the proton-halo state.
UNEDF sub-project featured in SciDAC Review
Rusty Lusk and Steve Pieper describe the Asynchronous Dynamic Load Balancing (ADLB) library for high-performance computing and its application to Green's Function Monte Carlo (GFMC) calculations of nuclei.
UNEDF collaborators Steve Pieper and Bob Wiringa awarded APS Bonner Prize
The Tom W. Bonner Prize is the highest award for research given by the APS Division of Nuclear Physics. Full details on the award to Steve and Bob are available.