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SVN Repository


A new SVN UNEDF SciDAC repository has been created:

Usually the svn client you need is incorporated in LINUX systems. For Mac or Windows you can find a lot of free svn clients on the web.

Anonymous Access

You can browse the REPOSITORY through a web interface or you can access the desired repository, e.g. "NAME", using
(some files are too big to be seen through the web interface.)

Usage for Registered Users

  1. To use the REPOSITORY, just create some directory in your local computer where you usually execute the programs of the project. While in this directory, type:
    svn checkout -username yourname http://www.massexplorer.org/svn/NAME/trunk
    This will create a mirror copy of the trunk. Then you can modify, compile, and run the program as you usually do. When satisfied with the changes you can type
    svn commit
    This will create new revision in the trunk with your changes.
  2. If meanwhile somebody else modified the trunk you can type
    svn update
    And these changes will be incorporated in your local version. So do that before committing your changes.
  3. You can learn how to use the svn system from http://subversion.tigris.org or many other sources available on the net.

New Projects

For a new project you should send:

  1. the name for the project
  2. the people with their emails that can work and modify the trunk of the project
  3. the person(s) with email who can modify the tags of the project
  4. a zip with the project files which should be loaded initially.